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Rhonda Cohen-Chartered Sport Psychologist-specialising in Traditional and Extreme Sport 

 Rhonda Cohen is available for print media to comment on any subject relating to the Psychology of Sport or Extreme Sport.  Please contact Rhonda  through this website or Middlesex University through the media PR department 0208 411 5000

  • "Exercise which requires you to push harder and longer will challenge you to break through the safe exercise barrier, as well as through self-imposed limits to achieve more than you think is psychologically possible".  Dr. Rhonda Cohen in the Metro newspaper on Bootcamp and Aggressive exercise . 11th Feb 2018 
  • Very - Listyle - 9th October 2017  by Amy Abrahams   "...benefits outside of the the gym ... sharpen our minds and focus ..."says Dr. Rhonda Cohen 
  • Gender and Fitness Is your workout Sexist?  Hannah Nathanson.  Elle Magazine . Sept 2017
  • Ways to combat the dreaded fitness Plateau Alice W . Your Fitness (in press)
  • Sunday Telegraph 25 Feb 2017 " Psychological Benefits of low intensity training by Lucy Waterlow. Stella magazine lifestyle section.  Sport psychologist, Rhonda Cohen says LISS can also be more beneficial for long term health ...
  • My Fitness pal by Andrea Childs . Psychologies . April 2017 sub-section - 'How to create a challenge mindset'- Rhonda Cohen 
  • Top Sante Magazine April 2017 Motivating Mindset "But ultimately , a good body image emanates from positive thoughts and emotions,..says Rhonda Cohen ..."
    • Women's Running " 5 Ways to Run without Goals this Winter" 10 Nov 2016  Pile up Miles ...Dr. Rhonda Cohen suggests... 
    • Putting the fun back into fitness  BBC News Dr. Rhonda Cohen, "Exercise as play captures the essence ... 31st October 2016 
    • England athletics -Mental Health Week -The importance of this scheme is in raising awareness is that mental health issues can be helped. “If you are affected by mental illness then you shouldn’t feel stigmatized, nor should you feel alone,” says Dr Rhonda Cohen, a sport and exercise psychologist at Middlesex University 10th October 2016
    • "MY Body Convulses..." Guardian Newspaper 8th October 2016 We lead very regulated lives, where almost everything is done for us,” explains Dr Rhonda Cohen, a sport psychologist at Middlesex University. “But knowing we can survive is a very important part of being human. ...
    • The Rise of Climbing, According to Dr. Rhonda Cohen... Elle magazine October 2016
    • Women's rugby receives support from Middlesex, Saracens and the RFU Sept 2016 
    • Rio Olympics 2016: Six types of Olympic booing  BBC News-9 Aug 2016  So booing from a crowd can be distracting and prevent them performing at their best," says Dr Rhonda Cohen, a sport psychologist at ...
    • Booing Hope Solo? Jeering our beach volleyball teams? How rude!  LifeZette-19 Aug 2016  Dr. Rhonda Cohen, a sports psychologist at London's Middlesex University, told the BBC, "The Olympics has always been synonymous with ...
    • Quais são os seis tipos de vaias da torcida brasileira na Rio 2016  BBC Brasil-17 Aug 2016  Então as vaias podem distrair e até evitar que os atletas tenham o melhor desempenho", diz Rhonda Cohen, psicóloga do esporte da ...
    • ElEspectador.com-17 Aug 2016... perjudicar el rendimiento de los deportistas”, dijo el doctor Rhonda Cohen a la BBC, psicólogo del deporte en la Universidad de Middlesex.
    • 6 tipos de abucheos que han llamado la atención en las ruidosas ...BBC Mundo-11 Aug 2016... y pueden perjudicar el rendimiento" de los deportistas, dijo el doctor Rhonda Cohen, psicólogo del deporte en la Universidad de Middlesex.
    • Dementia Sufferers get a boost from Saracens and Middlesex University, 3rd August 2016, Hendon & Finchley Press - Borough of Barnet Free Papers, Dr. Rhonda Cohen says the starting point for the research has been to see if exercise enhanced mood , brain function and balance in patients. 
    • Saracens Fund Middlesex Dementia Club Research July 2016, Dr Rhonda Cohen and Professor Trish Hafford-Letchfield to use Saracens Sports Foundation funding to evaluate the impact of exercise on wellbeing of people with dementia.
    • Women's Running - August 2016 Champions of the Mind by Tina Chantrey "...running is a free therapy..." Says Dr. Rhonda Cohen
    • The Fighting Mentality by Rhonda Cohen - Courier Magazine June/July 2016 
    • Dr Rhonda Cohen, head of the London Sport Institute, says short bursts of anger cause the adrenaline ...In the EVENING STANDARD 5th May 2016
    • "The best form of exercise is free and on your doorstep" Top Psychologist from Middlesex University , Rhonda Cohen ...28th April 2016
    • Women's Health May 2016 "Don't bin your Fitbit, use it ...."
    • Fathers in Sport - Can the Nappy Factor explain Danny Willett's golf win?  Telegraph 12th April 2016
    • Adrenaline Zen - Men's Health River-bugging in Scotland  Drown your anxieties with a hardcore river-bugging mission in the Spean Gorge  www.menshealth.co.uk/fitness/adrenaline-zen 11 Apr 2016 - ... says Dr Rhonda Cohen, a sport psychologist at Middlesex University. ...
    • 17 hints to improve your running- Women's Running UK "These help activate your glute muscles musch earlier on in your runs and take the pressure off...and visualising yourself running again," says Dr. Rhonda COhen, a sport and exercise psychologust... 1st April 2016
    • 17 tweaks to massively improve your running- Men's Running Magazine ...and visualising yoursef run again ," says Dr, Rhonda Cohen, a Sport & Exercise Psychologist. "This will help you ....30th March 2016
    • Givemesport - Zlatan Ibrhamovic "To Dare is to DO"   by Pete South, February 2016 
    • The Daily Mail-Can doing a headstand every day boost your sex life? by Alice Smellie - "You are increasing the blood flow to the head," points out Dr. Rhonda Cohen... 14th January 2016 
    • CNN-14th Jan 2016 Meet the father of BASE jumping -  That's what people asked BASE jumper Carl Boenish all the time. ....new film released called 'Sunshine Superman'.  "We're frightened yet excited at the same time..which provides us with a pleasurable feeling," Rhonda Cohen, at Middlesex University  ...
    • Top Sante -January 2016 issue  'Your winter running REBOOT'. Dr. Rhonda Cohen suggests using memories, including visual, auditory and physical , as a combative strategy ...pages 70-75 


    • Channel 4 - Daredevils : life on the edge 4oD  
    • Channel 4 The Hidden Talent Show presented by Richard Bacon, April/May 2012 produced by SilverRiverTV/Sony . Interviewed contestants on the mind set/talent for free diving .  
    • Speaker on 'Innovation' and presenter of Innovation award at Tottenham Hotspur Inaugural Awards Ceremony December 2011 (along with Donna Cullen from Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Grant Cornwell, CEO of Tottenham Hotspur Foundation)
    • Interview about the psychology surrounding Manchester United's goal scoring at the very end of a match
    • Tottenham Hotspur Foundation Launch - Keynote Speaker along with Harry Redknapp and Lord Newby. "One Million Life Changing Opportunities".  http://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/foundation/foundation_news.html
    • Inside Sport - BBC (8th February 2010) Interviewed by Michael Johnson -international gold medal sprinter
    • Image Wizard for Sky Sport
    • Men and Motors , Speed Vision -shown worldwide. 2006
    • Sky Sport  (interviewed for a show on racing drivers analysing their behaviour)Spring 2005
    • Contributed to a Radio 4 show on Sport Addiction 1999
    • Contributed to a Channel 4 documentary on Sport Addiction 1997