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Rhonda Cohen's involvement with the 2012 Olympics

Rhonda is a member of the HLST Olympics Special Interest Group

The Olympics SIG provides a forum for sharing ideas, information, resources and good practice, enabling the opportunities and the legacy of the 2012 Olympiad brings to be capitalised. It will establish links with other organisations and agencies in the UK and overseas to ensure access to perspectives, experience and expertise which can benefit us all.

SIG Aims:

 To promote the Olympics as a vehicle for learning and development for students in higher education;

  1. To promote Olympic themes across the HLST subjects and in other subject areas;
  2. To encourage effective links between research into the Olympics and teaching and learning;
  3. To encourage the production and dissemination of Learning resources to support study of the Olympics and curriculum development more generally;
  4. To foster interactivity between staff and students through engagement with issues and challenges raised by hosting the 2012 Olympics.

Rhonda Cohen is the Deputy Chair of the Middlesex University Olympic Committee

Rhonda Cohen is working  as the link between Middlesex University and LOCOG

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